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Unearth the Magic of Facial Massage Oil

12 June, 2021 Post by Ashwin

Facial massage is easy, relaxing, and extremely beneficial. It is something which can be done with the help of a masseur or even on your own. There are several types and techniques of facial massages you can choose from. Facial massage promotes healthy skin while relaxing your facial muscles. One can also do facial massage to treat specific conditions. There are several acupressure points present on your face which when stimulated release tension.

Using high-quality, toxin-free as well as 100% pure coconut oil and almond oil for the face from Modern Agro will ensure that you have happy and healthy skin. You can buy Modern Agro’s coconut oil and almond oil on KudratKart.

Though you can use lotions, creams, or cleansing balms for facial massage, the best result you can get is with facial oils. Many people use tools like face roller or gua sha to get the best out of facial massage.

One of the most popular facial oils is almond oil.

Characteristics of almond oil

Modern Agro almond oil is enriched with proteins and vitamin E and A which are beneficial for your face and skin. It is light non-sticky oil that gets easily absorbed on any type of skin and has a sweet fragrance.

Benefits of almond oil

1. Fades blemishes and scars: Since almond oil has antibacterial properties and is full of vitamin A, it can be used to treat acne. Enriched with vitamin E, using almond oil on the face can also help with the lightening of sunspots, scars, and the signs of aging. Massage 2-3 drops of almond oil on your face after washing your face at night regularly to see the results.

2. Reduces dark circles: The skin around our eyes is very thin and sensitive. If you are looking for a remedy for your dark circles then grab our almond oil for your face to cure dark circles and eye bags. Just massage some badam rogan oil below your eyes every night before sleeping and in 2 weeks you will see the difference.

3. Acts as a tan remover: Massaging almond oil on the face is an excellent option to remove tan, lighten your skin and nourish it. If you want to get rid of tan, then mix a few drops of Modern Agro almond oil with a little bit of lemon juice and honey. Massage this mixture on the tan affected area and you will start to see visible results after a few applications.

Why should you get Modern Agro’s Almond Oil?

1. Modern Agro’s almond oil is wood pressed and cold pressed which ensures temp of oil never exceeds 45 degrees so that all the nutrients are intact. It is free from any chemicals and is 100% natural.

2. Vitamins and minerals are extremely important for your skin. Modern Agro’s cold pressed almond oil is enriched with vitamin E, A, and minerals which keeps your skin hydrated as well as fresh.

3. The specialty of Modern Agro almond oil is that it has a non-sticky light-textured formula that helps in removing all the dirt and grime from the facial pores.

Why is our Almond Oil the best oil for facial massage?

Did you know that almond oil is extracted through a refined process that includes high heat and chemical usage? In such a scenario even though you may get almond oil at a cost-effective price but its nutritional value will be very low. Modern Agro doesn’t compromise on the quality of its almond oil. Modern Agro Badam Tel is wood and cold pressed without using heat or chemicals, making sure you get the best of the product.

Along with almond oil, coconut oil is also popular facial oil.

Characteristics of coconut oil

Modern Agro coconut oil is unrefined i.e., not bleached or deodorized. It has a non-greasy texture and is lighter in viscosity. It is rich in antioxidants as well as nutrients and has a natural scent to it.

Benefits of coconut oil

1. Rejuvenates facial muscles: Facial massages reduce tension and provides relaxation while maintaining skin health. Massaging coconut oil regularly encourages facial rejuvenation. It will also help with any facial tissue or muscle scar healing.

2. Helps in exfoliating: Since coconut oil is rich in nutrients, it makes a great base for exfoliation scrubs. Just mix a little coconut oil with either sugar or coffee grounds and voila you have your scrub at home. Massaging coconut oil on the skin keeps it hydrated as well.

3. Helps with blood flow: It is a known fact that massaging your face can boost blood flow which improves the texture and appearance of the skin. Massaging Modern Agro’s Coconut Oil on your Skin and Face regularly will add a healthy glow, reduce wrinkles as well as give an anti-aging effect.

What makes our Coconut Oil so special?

Generally, the coconut oil you get in the market is refined, bleached, and deodorized. However, we at Modern Agro provide coconut oil that is wood pressed, cold pressed, unrefined, full of antioxidants, and free from chemicals. It is neither bleached nor deodorized. If you are looking for 100% pure and natural coconut oil then Modern Agro is your one-stop destination.

Why is Modern Agro’s Coconut Oil so popular?

1. Modern Agro’s coconut oil is wood pressed and cold pressed which ensures all the natural nutrients, antioxidants, and aroma is maintained.

2. Generally, it is recommended to not use fragrant oils for facial massage. Modern Agro’s coconut oil has a natural scent to it. There is no artificial fragrance added to our coconut oil.

3. Using heavy textured oils can clog the pores on the face. Modern Agro provides the best coconut oil which has a non-greasy texture and is lighter in viscosity.

4. Modern Agro’s cold pressed coconut oil is affordable as well as is of the highest quality, 100% natural and contains zero toxins.

As you have read above, modern agro’s almond and coconut oil are of great use. This is why most people buy them. Our online platform Kudratkart is an e-commerce platform that offers natural products including cold pressed oils, organic items, Herbal Teas, homemade Indian Spices as well as Pure Honey. We specialize in sourcing high-quality material for providing high-quality products. Choose from a range of our products including almond oil and coconut oil.

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