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Modern Agro Honey is 100% natural, Pure, Agmark Grade “A” certified mix flower honey, which brings you the goodness of nature in form of a sweetener, which not only adds sweetness in your life while also helps you fight with many diseases.

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Modern agro sources honey only from apiary farms owned/managed/controlled by it. At Modern Agro we are very conscious about the quality of ingredients and contents used in products we sell. Modern agro honey is procured, stored, processed, packed in very controlled, hygienic and secure environment. At all levels of processing and packaging Modern agro ensures that honey’s temp should never exceed 45 degree. Modern Agro honey is 100% natural and pure with no preservatives or additives. Its no surprise that unlike many big brands Modern Agro honey is certified with Agmark grade A as well as Fssai both. Grade A is the highest grade accorded by Agmark to any brand, which certifies that honey is not only pure but its also low in moisture content and conforms to highest standard. Its thick texture, due to low moisture content, and natural taste when consumed with breads, Ice creams will make you ask for more.

Since ages honey has been used as both Sweetener and Medicine. There can be many benefits, which can be associated with Modern Agro honey. Briefly we can categories them as follows

1. Natural sweetener.
2. Excellent remedy for cough and sore throat
3. Rich in anti oxidants
4. help improve cholesterol levels
5. With comparatively lower GI index, Modern agro honey can be seen as good replacement of white sugar for diabetic patient

Contrary to popular beliefs Honey should be used through out the year. Modern Agro Honey can be used in many things in many different ways

1. In case of cough or sore throat, honey can be used with grated Ginger. Instead of buying ginger honey syrup from market, we at Modern agro always recommend to take honey with freshly grated Ginger.
2. It can be used as natural sweetener in lemonades and teas
3. It can be used as spread in breakfast with roasted Bread or Pan Cakes
4. Pour a spoon of honey on Vanilla Ice Cream and let the magic unfold in your mouth
5. Prepare a honey dip by adding Vinegar and use it with salads

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