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Methi Dana - A healthy addition to your diet

17 February, 2021 Post by Shreeoshree

Known for its medicinal qualities such as hypocholesterolemic, antidiabetic, gastric stimulant, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and immunological activities, Fenugreek Seeds, commonly called Methi Dana/ Seeds in Indian households, is a legume. This is used as a spice throughout the world to enhance the sensory quality of foods and moreover, it is used as a food stabilizer, adhesive and emulsifying agent due to its high fibre, protein, and gum content.

Methi seeds are pleasantly bitter and slightly sweet in taste whereas Methi seeds has a central hard and yellow embryo which is surrounded by a corneous and comparatively large layer of the white and semi-transparent endosperm.

These seeds of Methi contain about 0.1-0.9% of diosgenin which are extracted commercially. The plant tissue cultures from the seeds of Methi produce as much as 2% diosgenin with smaller amounts of trigogenin and gitongenin when grown under optimal conditions. In addition to that, fenugreek seeds have been found to contain a number of alkaloids (e.g., trigonelline, gentianine, carpaine) as well as several coumarin compounds and saponin (fenugrin B).

Fenugreek seed traces its history from the Ayurvedic texts and Greek and Latin pharmacopeia. The modern vaidyas use this herb for digestive and respiratory stemming from an excess of kaph (phlegm) and vat (wind). But unlike the modern vaidyas, Ayurvedic texts praised this herb for its power as an aphrodisiac. Methi has been in use in Egypt for a long time. It was used to ease childbirth and to increase milk flow whereas nowadays, Egyptian women still use it to relieve menstrual cramps, as well as to make Hilda tea out of it to ease other kinds of abdominal pain. Methi seeds are also in use in China for the same purpose, i.e., treating abdominal pain and there it is known as hu lu ba. The Swiss use it for flavoring cheese and in the USA, it is mainly used to make spice blends for soups and stews. And as Indians, we use fresh methi ka saag (the stems and leaves of the plant) as a winter vegetable, and the seeds as a flavoring agent for various dishes, year-round.

Since earlier days, fenugreek paste called ‘Cemen’ made from ground fenugreek has been a popular food in Turkey. And for making clarified butter, crushed fenugreek seed or coarse fenugreek powder is still in use. Being a rich source of dietary fiber and various essential minerals, fenugreek seed husk is also brought in use for preparing bakery products. Refined flours in which fenugreek fiber is added help in fortifying it with a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber. Pizza, bread muffins, and cakes contain flour fortified with 8-10% fenugreek fiber. Further, without affecting its overall quality, fenugreek flour is also incorporated in the formulation of biscuits and that amounts to up to 10%. And these biscuits were the best among all the composite fenugreek flour biscuits, as revealed by the physical, sensory, and nutritional characteristics.

Methi dana is believed to reduce weight when it is consumed with warm drinking water. A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of hot water left for about 10 minutes. Then strained and added lemon along with a teaspoon of Modern Agro’s pure honey, can make you the best cup of hot tea to keep you healthy and fresh.

In case you are someone who enjoys cooking, loves to eat, and also is conscious about your health, then Methi dana can be your diet’s best companion. And you don’t need to rove anywhere because we are here with the most authentic and raw-tasting Methi Dana at KudratKart.com. With this authenticity, be assured to gain the various benefits Methi Dana has to offer. Other than the several anti-oxidant properties in Modern Agro’s Methi Dana holds several digestive benefits along with regulation of blood sugar levels and prevention of water retention and bloating. It is also helpful in reducing extra weight. This Modern Agro product can be used both in raw form or you can also soak it in water and consume both the water and the seeds.

KudratKart brings to you two sizes of its Modern Agro Methi Dana and they are 100 gm and 250 gm and including Methi Dana, you can shop for various other Modern Agro’s authentic and quality products and you can avail of free shipping on minimum purchase of Rs. 500.

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