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Kasuri Methi - Benefits of Kasuri Methi That Will Blow Your Mind

27 March, 2021 Post by Sweta

A herb that finds itself as a common ingredient in the Indian kitchen; known for its numerous health benefits, Kasuri Methi is also used in alternative medicine. Modern Agro brings you the organic Kasuri Methi in re-sealable pouch packets. Buy the Fenugreek Dried Leaves by visiting KudratKart website.

A close family member of legumes, Methi or Fenugreek or Alholva, or Chandrika as called by different names worldwide, dates back to have originated in Mediterreanean region and Western Asia. Today, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the largest producers of Kasuri Methi in the world.

The organically grown dark-green Kasoori Methi (Fenugreek Dried Leaves), has been valued since traditions in the alternative and Chinese medicine to treat skin problems,and other diseases. Modern Agro’s Kasuri Methi produces strong aroma and slightly addictive taste makes it an essential herb for your kitchen dishes.

Kasuri Methi Nutritional Value

A 100gm of the Fenugreek dried leaves contain 323 Kcal energy with 67 grams of sodium and 770 mg of potassium, 58% carbs, 23% protein, 40% calcium, besides a decent amount of minerals including iron, and manganese. These dried leaves also constitute biotin, vitamins A, B, and D.

Benefits of Kasuri Methi

1. The Modern Agro Kasoori Methi helps in slow absorption of sugars in the body and stimulate insulin. This characteristic affects beneficial lower blood sugar in diabetic patients. The Fenugreek dried leaves contain alkaloids trigonelline and choline.

2. Additionally, these organic leaves being high in potassium, and low in sodium can benefit in keeping your blood pressure under control and regulate the heart-rate efficiently.

3. Since these leaves have quantifiable protein content as well as nicotinic acid, they have also proved beneficial for treating balding hair.

4. The Modern Agro Dried Fenugreek Leaves are a natural ageing-remedy. Rich in Vitamin B3, these leaves are a boon for treating damaged skin cells and regenerate the new ones.

5. The leaves taken in crushed powder form for three times daily during periods have been proven to reduce pain in menstrual days.

6. Further, the organic leaves have proven beneficial in improving sexual performance if taken daily in a quantifiable amount.

Uses of Kasuri Methi

1. The Fenugreek dried leaves can sometimes be used as poultice, by wrapping it in a piece of cloth, warmed and applied directly to skin in order to treat local pain and swelling or inflammation, muscular pain, swelling of lymph nodes, healing wounds, skin ulcers and eczema.

2. If you are complaining about stomach ulcers, or gastritis, these Modern Agro Kasuri Methi might come handy. They can also treat other digestive problems including loss of appetite, constipation, upset stomach, etc.

3. Medical records also show usage of the Fenugreek dried leaves in different forms for conditions affecting heart-health, termed atherosclerosis. Not to mention, a list of diseases, from kidney-issues, vitamin-deficiency beriberi, boils, to bronchitis, tissue-infection to chronic coughs, baldness and even Parkinson’s Disease have seen treatments with the use of dried fenugreek leaves.

4. The Fenugreek dried leaves in powdered form comes as a solution for combatting the escalating plasma cholesterol and therefore is also used as cholesterol blocking agent.

5. You can also treat your dry scalp and hairs with the water-soaked leaves as they have moisturizing and conditioning power.

6. Kasuri Methi can also be used as a homemade facial scrub. A regular use of these leaves can help in providing naturally glowing skin by removing dead cells and blackheads.

7. You might have noticed that when you have a high fever and are struggling with respiratory problems, the powdered fenugreek cures it with the prescribed usage.

How to buy Modern Agro Kasuri Methi?

The Fenugreek dried leaves are available in three quantities, 25gm, 50gm, and 100gm zip packets. You can purchase the Fenugreek dried leaves by ordering online through the KudratKart website. All you need is to visit the website and click on the link to buy Modern Agro Kasuri Methi.

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