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Honey is one of the most natural products in the world; it is simply collected from the hives by beekeepers and packed into bottles by Modern Agro. It all happens naturally…there is nothing added and nothing taken away.

Once beekeepers have extracted the honey from the hives, it is delivered to Modern Agro in drums. Upon receipt of these drums at Modern Agro, they are barcoded, which acts as a control mechanism to track the movement of honey throughout the process. After barcoding, they are weighed and stored; grouped according to honey colour or floral type.

Samples are taken from honey received and colour grading (determined by a Pfund reader), moisture content (determined by an electronic refractometer), gross weight etc are then entered in the computer by our quality control department.

These samples are also taste tested by our honey blenders, who are highly skilled with years of experience in taste testing and blending, similar to that of a wine maker. General blends are prepared by combining honey of specific moisture levels and colours to achieve a characteristic honey flavour that is consistent to satisfy consumer demand.

The flow chart below provides more information about how Modern Agro pack the honey into bottles. Click on the numbers to see the packing process.

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