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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kalonji Seeds: The Ultimate Flavoring Spice

10 March, 2021 Post by Ashwin

Nigella seeds also known as Kalonji seeds are a popular Indian spice that adds aroma to your food. It is a member of the buttercup family of plants that grow up to 12 inches tall and produce a fruit with these seeds. They contain slightly herbaceous notes, a warm toasted onion flavor as well as a slight bitterness with a hint of savory scent.

Also known as black seed cumin, they are used to enhance the flavor profile of food including dal, vegetables, curries, pickles. Favorite team time snacks that have been resting on the Indian palate for quite some time like samosa, kachoris, and papdis also uses Nigella seeds for flavoring. In addition, they are also used in salads, sauces as well as soups.

Apart from the flavor and aromatic richness, they are also loaded with nutrients. These include vitamins, crystalline nigellone, saponin, amino acids, fatty acids, crude fiber, proteins, alkaloids, volatile oils, oleic and linolenic acids, potassium, calcium, iron, and sodium. Due to the presence of so many nutrients, Kalonji Seeds therefore have an array of health benefits.

Modern Agro produces 100% authentic and pure Nigella Seeds which are known for their high quality and rich aroma. We source all the ingredients from the best regions across the country. At the same time, we make sure that right from processing to all the way to packaging you get the best in terms of both quality and hygiene.

Benefits of Using Kalonji Seeds

It is no secret that 100 % authentic and pure Nigella seeds have various health benefits in addition to the flavor and taste provided to your dish. This is why we suggest using only Modern Agro’s Kalonji Seeds available on Kudrat kart in your kitchen.

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants play a key role in preventing against various types of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, obesity, etc. Kalonji has various vital nutrients like terpineol, carvanol, thymoquinone and t-anethole that make it rich in antioxidants. This is why it helps prevent oxidative damage to cells by neutralizing the harmful free radicals.

2. Lowers Cholesterol

Studies have confirmed that Kalonji seeds are effective in reducing total and bad cholesterol and increasing the good level of cholesterol.

3. Helps with Diabetes

People with diabetes or high blood sugar need to simply add half a teaspoon of Kalonji oil to black tea in the morning. This will certainly help them keep their diabetes in check.

4. Helps with weight loss

Weight can become a problem at times, Nigella seeds help those who are looking to lose their extra weight. Add it to a concoction of warm water, honey and lemon to see how it helps.

5. Eases inflamed joint

A drop of heated kalonji oil is very effective in easing the pain of inflamed joints.

6. Controls hypertension

One spoon of kalonji oil with warm water helps regulate your blood pressure thereby reducing stress.

7. Eases kidney ailments

Too much of junk, as well as processed food, is known to cause different types of kidney diseases like stones, infections as well as acute pain. Kalonji helps with reducing the severity of these ailments.

8. Oral Health

Consuming kalonji is a very old practice that was traditionally accepted and widespread to help with oral health problems. Massaging your gums with Kalonji seeds and curd is a tested cure for keeping your gums as well as teeth in good health.

9. Kills off unwanted bacteria

As you know bacteria is everywhere around us, kalonji helps minimize the risk of bacterial infections with its antibacterial properties.

10. Fights Skin Problems

People with skin problems get really irritated with the pain and embarrassment it brings. Mix kalonji oil and lemon juice together to heal your cracked heels, acne and other skin problems like blemishes and dryness.

How to Use

1. Nigella seeds can be added raw to any dish be it a salad, soups, or snacks.

2. They can be dry roasted to give a nutty, smoky flavor to beans, vegetables, and curries.

3. They can be sprinkled over naan bread before it is put down for baking.

4. They can be used to make kalonji oil. Along with black seeds cumin you will also require coconut oil 400 ml, castor oil 100ml, and 5 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds. After heating this concoction for a while, keep the solution in sunlight for 8-10 hours to get your kalonji oil ready.

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