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Kasuri Methi

Kasuri Methi


​Kasuri methi (kasoori methi) is an essential and health beneficial ingredient in Indian as well as Mediterranean kitchens. Dried methi leaves have a smell similar to celery and provide a strong flavour to the gravy. Buy kasuri methi from Kudrat Kart.


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Kasuri Methi is a popular herb commonly found in Indian households. Kasuri Methi is basically a dried version of fresh fenugreek leaves which is added in the dishes to enhance the flavour and aroma. It has a very strong aroma and distinctive flavour. Dried methi leaves have an earthy and slightly sweet aroma with a touch of bitterness in taste.
It is a known fact that Kasoori Methi is rich in iron, high in protein and a good source of dietary fibre. Apart from this, it is very low in calories which means you can add it to any diet. It is also full of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, carotene and thiamine. Modern Agro’s Kasuri Methi price is affordable and easily available on KudratKart.


Modern Agro Dried fenugreek leaves are a good source of dietary fibre, protein and iron. It is low in calories. It has an earthy, slightly sweet aroma and is bitter in taste. It enhances the flavour and aroma of dishes. Along with culinary purposes, it is also used for medicinal purposes.


  1. Keeps cholesterol in check: Regular intake of kasoori methi in food can reduce the bad cholesterol and effectively increase good cholesterol. The price of kasuri methi at Modern Agro is very affordable.
  2. Controls diabetes: Owing to the high fibre content present in kasuri methi, it helps in improving the functioning of insulin in diabetic people. It helps in controlling the levels of glucose metabolism in the body. You can consume kasuri methi regularly in curries, soups or vegetables to help you treat type II diabetes.
  3. Maintains heart health: Using kasuri methi regularly can help you in maintaining your heart health. Modern Agro kasuri methi packet price is available at affordable rates.
  4. Improves bowel issue: The antioxidant properties present in kasoori methi helps in digestion and further prevent issues like gastrointestinal problems, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal inflammation and diarrhoea.
  5. Aids weight loss: One of the popular uses of kasuri methi is for weight loss. Consuming it keeps your stomach full and suppresses the feeling of hunger. Thus, preventing you from overeating.
  6. Promotes healthy hair: Dried fenugreek leaves are extremely beneficial for hair. You can make a hair mask with it and apply it once a week for long, shiny and healthy hair.
  7. Helps with respiratory problems: You can buy and consume kasuri methi to keep the respiratory problems at bay. It cures allergies and congestion in the respiratory tract. It also maintains the mucus level in the body and helps in reducing the risk of chronic respiratory diseases.
  8. Reduces scars and blemishes: It is a proven study that dried methi leaves can reduce scars and blemishes. Since it has vitamin C, it acts as an anti-inflammatory substance and boosts the process of scar healing.

How to use

  • It can be used to add flavour in dishes and curries like paneer tikka masala, Kashmiri dum aloo, malai kofta, masala chawli and pakoda kadhi.
  • It can be used in Indian breads like lachha parantha or naan.
  • It can be added in jeera rice and biryani.
  • It can be added in herbal tea to add a flavour.
  • It can be consumed with water to lower cholesterol level.

How can we ensure the purity of Kasoori Methi?

Modern Agro’s Kasuri Methi is made by drying fresh methi or fenugreek leaves. Modern Agro’s Kasoori Methi is 100% pure as well as true to its taste. In addition to this, we ensure all the processing and packaging of Kasuri Methi is done in a hygienic manner while following all the health and safety measures. To maintain the quality and taste of the Kasoori Methi, store it in a cool, dark and dry place away from any moisture.

Why Modern Agro Kasoori Methi?

  • Modern Agro provides 100% pure and authentic Kasoori Methi.
  • Modern Agro Kasuri Methi has a strong aroma and distinctive flavour.
  • Modern Agro Kasoori Methi is made by drying fresh methi leaves and sourced from the best regions in the country.
  • Modern Agro Kasuri Methi is rich in nutrients, proteins and minerals.
  • Modern Agro Kasoori Methi can be used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes.
  • You can also look for Kasuri Methi online on KudratKart. Modern Agro Kasoori Methi price is affordable and easily available.

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