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Mint Powder – a Remedy for Everyday Health Issues

24 August, 2020 Post by Krati Purwar

Pudina is one of the primary spices, which find uses in garnishing, gravy recipes, and snacks. However, a few people know that it has health benefits. Do you know that it is not only good for oral health but, it helps in weight loss, digestive problems, and relieving common cold?

Mint Powder, also called Pudina Powder, is a well-known ingredient in our kitchen. For some recipes, we use it as the main ingredient, while for others, it garnishes or used on the sides. Yet, very few amongst us know that the green leaves have medicinal properties, which can cure everyday health issues. An article in Easy Ayurveda suggests its use in varieties of medicines.

Five benefits of Mint are,

1. Relieves indigestion – Mint has methanol, which has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties that fight indigestion and provide relief to an upset stomach.

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2. Helps in losing weight – Dry pudina power or mint leaves have digestive properties that stimulate digestive enzymes, which facilitate absorption of nutrient from food. Thus, better and faster metabolism, which contributes to weight loss.

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3. Cure to headaches – Mint has a strong smell, which helps in easing headache. Many balms come with a mint base or have mint oil. It cures the headache, as well as nausea or motion sickness.

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4. Manages common cold – Have you heard vapour-rubs having mint as one of the ingredients? Mint helps in clearing congestion of lungs, throat, nose, and bronchi. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve irritation in chronic coughing. Check out the availability of pudina powder online.

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5. Oral care – Often, advertisements show mint as the prime ingredient in toothpaste and other oral care products. It is because mint freshens mouth breath because of the presence of germicidal properties. It fights bacterial growth inside the mouth and cleanses accumulation of plaque.


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