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Garam Masala


Modern Agro Garam Masala is the best spice which is made with some of the most real spices to cater to your taste buds.


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Garam masala, which roughly translates to “hot spice” in English, is a mixture of spices used traditionally in cooking in India. All of these spices used in Garam masala host a multitude of benefits in themselves, which can make one imagine how health-packed a mixture it must be. All these spices are crushed and mixed to form what we call Garam masala powder. You can buy garam masala powder, or the spices individually from KudratKart, which has every culinary spice you need for daily use made available by brands like Modern Agro which assure quality and purity.

Characteristics of Garam Masala

According to Ayurveda, garam masala heats up the body and fuels the digestive “fire” in your stomach. It is usually light to dark brown in colour, and has spicy/peppery taste. It adds warmth, sweetness, floral notes, and a touch of heat to the dishes it is added to.

How To Make Garam Masala Powder

Making garam masala powder at home isn’t very difficult, as long as you have all the ingredients. Now the ingredients differ greatly from region to region. For example, the traditional recipe that is used in my household from the North, which I am going to share. Garam masala ingredients are as follows:

Cinnamon 25gm
Green cardamom 20gm
Black cardamom 25gm
Cloves 20gm
Black pepper 20gm
Bay leaves 20gm
Stone flower 20gm
Black Cummin seed 25gm
Cummin seed 50m
Mace 25gm
Nutmeg 1 nut
Mustard seed 50gm

Once again, these garam masala ingredients in Hindi would be:

dalchini, chhoti elaichi, badi elaichi, laung, kali mirch, tej patta, dagad phool, kalonji, jeera, javitri, jaiphal and rai. The garam masala ingredients in Hindi are in same order as above, and are required in same quantities.

Dry roast all of these spices separately and then grind them in a blender after they’ve cooled down. If this seems like too much of a task for you, you can simply buy garam masala online from a trusted source like KudratKart as mentioned before. KudratKart has all your daily culinary needs ranging from spices and herbs to oils and honey, sourced from trusted brands such as Modern Agro, which are FSSAI approved. You can even buy garam masala ingredients separately if you want to make it at home traditionally. Now, lets have a look at the benefits of including garam masala powder in your daily meals.


A mixture of so many beneficial spices got to have amazing benefits of its own, right? Absolutely. Garam masala has an abundance of benefits it showers upon people who consume it, and here they are:

  • Digestive Benefits: Ayurveda says garam masala fuels the digestive fire, which has been proven by modern medicine. Garam masala powder boosts the activity of digestive enzymes, making digestion faster. This keeps digestive problems like constipation and gas at bay.
  • Wealth of Antioxidants: Garam masala is made up of a number of spices, each of which have amazing antioxidant properties of their own. Mixing them together increases their potency, which keeps you youthful and healthy.
  • Blood and Heart Benefits: Garam masala powder regulates blood pressure and improves heart health. It also lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Garam masala has a number of anti-inflammatory spices, which diminish the chances of inflammatory diseases in the body such as arthritis, hepatitis, IBS and auto-immune diseases.
  • Increases Nutrient Absorption: Garam masala increases the nutrient absorption in the body, which means whatever you put it in, its vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients are going to be absorbed better by your gut, which otherwise would have been lost due to poor absorption.

How to use

Modern Agro Garam Masala Powder is one of the best selling products on KudratKart due to its quality, purity and amazing flavour, and can be used in the following ways:

  • You can add it in your various food preparations like curries and sabzis.
  • Can sprinkle a little on boiled eggs or omelettes for the flavour.
  • This might sound strange, but Modern Agro’s garam masala can make your coffee richer and more flavourful if you add a pinch.
  • Add a dash of it in your rice to make it much more delicious.

How To Ensure Purity Of Modern Agro Garam Masala Powder?

Of course, every consumer has the right to know whether what they’re buying is guaranteed to be pure. Here’s how we assure you.

  • Modern Agro’s Garam Masala is approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).
  • It is tested in proper food laboratories to ensure that there are no artificial flavours or preservatives in it, consumers can have it checked themselves in a lab too.

Why Modern Agro Garam Masala?

Modern Agro Garam Masala Powder is sourced directly from origin and handled properly. Modern Agro ensures that the product is packed in a hygienic environment and in a graded manner. It uses no synthetic products, artificial flavours or preservatives. It tastes and smells pure, and will withstand any purity test. In addition, it has a plethora of health benefits which make it a must-have.

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