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Kudrat Kart - Dalchini


Kudrat Kart Dalchini is famous for its wholesome Natural taste and freshness which further adds royalty to the food you prepare.

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Also known as Cinnamon, Dalchini is obtained from the inner branches of a tree called Cinnamomum. It is considered to be a traditional condiment which is found in the kitchen of the people who believe in maintaining real essence of dishes. Kudrat Kart Dalchini is known for being 100 percent real and authentic.

1.It is used in garnishing sweet dishes

2.It is a major ingredient of Garam Masala

3.It is a great immunity booster and gives strength to fight with diseases.

4.It is a good anti-inflammatory agent

5.It improves sensitivity to hormone insulin

1.It can be used in intact form

2.It can used in powdered form

3.It can be used in oil form

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