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Green Cardamom ( Choti Elaichi )

Green Cardamom ( Choti Elaichi )


Few pieces or powdered form of Modern Agro Choti Elaichi gives your dish an altogether special aroma and freshness. The strong fragrance of Choti Elaichi titillates the the sense of smell as well taste only to give you the most royal experience.


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Modern Agro Green Cardamom ( Choti Elaichi ) is an Indian spice consisting of whole/ground dries fruits. These seeds are warm and have effective aromatic and medicinal properties.


1. It has amazing antioxidant and diuretic properties.

2. Helps treating bad breath and prevents cavities

3. Helps to fight with chronic diseases

4. Also has cancer fighting components

5. Enhances digestive problems.

How to use

Choti Elaichi can be used both in powdered and intact form as per requirements.

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