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Cloves ( Laung )


Modern Agro Laung is something you would wish to buy due to its perfect size and aroma.


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Laung, also known as clove, is an aromatic flower bud of a tree called Myrtaceae. It is considered to be one of the most royal Indian Spices. Most of the Indian households use clove when they prepare something special. And when you decide to go for Kudrat Kart Laung, your dish becomes all the more special. Kudrat Kart is known for providing some of the most assorted cloves.


1.As Laung is aromatic, it gives a beautiful aroma to the food to add that “Shahi” taste.
2.It is used as a traditional medicine as well.
3.It helps in curing dental problems
4.It is high anti-oxidants which helps in curing oxidative stress
5.It helps in cancer treatment as well

How to use

1.Can be used in intact form

2.Can be used in powdered form

3.Can used in oil form too

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