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Cumin Seeds ( Jeera )

Cumin Seeds ( Jeera )


Modern Agro Jeera is original to the optimum level. Your tadka becomes all the more sumptuous with Modern Agro Jeera.


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Cumin seeds, or jeera as they are known in our household kitchens are an essential spice in our Indian cuisine. Every food preparation that requires tempering (tadka in Hindi) will require jeera. It is the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper.

Cumin seeds come from the plant Cuminum Cyminum, which is native to the Middle East as well as the western regions of India, like Gujarat and Rajasthan. In fact, India is the largest producer of jeera in the world, contributing to a whopping 70% of the total world’s output. Naturally, Jeera rate in India is quite low. You can buy spices online, including cumin, as well as oils, honey, and other culinary products at KudratKart, which sources its products from reliable brands such as Modern Agro. Jeera price on KudratKart is a mere Rs. 50 per 100 grams, and is available in different sizes.

Characteristics of Cumin Seeds

Cumin or jeera seeds are oblong in shape, longitudinally ridged, and yellow-brown in colour. Cumin has a warm, earthy flavor and aroma with a bit of both sweetness and bitterness. Roasting the seeds enhances their flavour.


  • Relieves Indigestion: Cumin has been used traditionally in India to relieve indigestion. It does that by increasing the activity of digestive enzymes, speeding up digestion, and by increasing the production of bile in the liver, which helps digest fat and nutrients in your stomach.
  • Rich Source Of Iron: Cumin is a significant source of iron, which is an essential mineral for us. Iron is required by the body for growth and development, and is required to make hemoglobin, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen to different parts of the body. Iron deficiency can cause conditions such as fatigue, weakness and shortness of breath, which are all symptoms of anemia. Anemic people should include jeera in their diet. You can buy jeera online from KudratKart, where jeera price is quite low. While you’re there, you can have a look at other spices, condiments and products from reliable brands like Modern Agro.
  • Very Rich In Antioxidants: Cumin is quite rich in antioxidants, and contains beneficial plant compounds such as terpenes, phenols, flavonoids and alkaloids. These prevent aging, prevent clogged arteries and heart disease and even suppress inflammation in the body.
  • Helpful for Diabetics: Diabetes (type-II) is harmful to the human body due to something called advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). These occur when sugar levels are high in the bloodstream for extended periods of time, as they are in diabetics, and can harm eyes, kidneys, nerves and small blood vessels. The compounds in jeera reduce these AGEs. It can also help control blood sugar, and thus should be a staple in the diet of diabetics. Get cumin from KudratKart now, and also get Modern Agro’s honey while you’re at it, and replace sugar with honey in your diet (for diabetics).
  • Promotes Weight Loss: Having at least 3 grams cumin per day has been shown to have significants effects in weight loss and fat reduction according to some studies. You can have it through food, by mixing jeera with water, or with yoghurt.
  • Has Anti-microbial Properties: Jeera is known to gave anti-microbial properties, and thus can help prevent food-borne illness when added to food preparations. Cumin releases a component called megalomicin when digested, which reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi, and even lowers their drug resistance. Jeera is a must-have condiment in your culinary arsenal. Buy spices online on KudratKart and also check out other products available there, including oils and Modern Agro’s honey, all of which are approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Jeera price on KudratKart is as cheap as it can get, while guaranteeing 100% purity without any adulteration.

How to use

Modern Agro Jeera can be bought online on KudratKart, and can be used in the following ways:

  • In addition to being used for tempering (tadka), jeera or cumin seeds can be used to prepare jeera rice.
  • Add it in warm water overnight to prepare jeera water, drink it in the morning regularly for weight loss.
  • Roast cumin seeds and add them in raitas, or simple yoghurt for great taste.
  • Add it in buttermilk (Chhaas)

How To Ensure Purity Of Modern Agro Cumin Seeds?

Every consumer has the right to know whether what they’re buying is guaranteed to be pure. Here’s how we assure you.

  • Modern Agro jeera is approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).
  • It is tested in proper food laboratories to ensure that there are no artificial flavours or preservatives in it, consumers can have it checked themselves in a lab too.

Why Modern Agro Jeera?

Modern Agro’s products are sourced directly from fields and handled properly. They’re grown in optimum conditions and packed in a hygienic environment, in a graded manner. They use no synthetic products, artificial flavours or preservatives. They taste pure and have a rich aroma, in addition to having a plethora of health benefits which make them a must-have. What’s better, Modern Agro’s jeera price is very economical!

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