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Kudrat Kart - Kali Mirch


Add extra delight to your food by using Kudrat Kart Kali Mirch. These little balls of pure happiness will take care of your digestive health.

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Kudrat Kart Kali Mirch will offer treat to your health and taste buds. These little balls of delight do nothing but make the food healthier and tastier. Pepper is omniscient. Without its usage, the optimum taste cannot be achieved. And, if you believe in maintaining a real taste in your food and wish to have a good health, Kudrat Kart Kali Mirch is the best resort.

1.It enhances metabolic rate of the body
2.It removes the chances of fat accumulation in the body
3.It helps the body in secreting good cholesterol
4.Its thermogenic properties helps in enhancing the overall health

1.In its raw and round form, Kali Mirch can be used in food dishes

2.It can be used in preparing pickles

3.It can be consumed with water in tablet form

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* Get free shipping on minimum purchase of Rs. 500
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