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Kudrat Kart - Haldi

Kudrat Kart - Haldi


Kudrat Kart Haldi is a cent percent natural in in texture and quality which adds extra taste to your food.

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Haldi, also known as Turmeric is one of the most useful and herbaceous plants which is native to our subcontinent. There is nothing that turmeric cannot cure. We all have grown up listening to our elders that haldi is the ultimate solution to all kinds of health problems. However, one must always ensure that the quality of turmeric is up to the mark as there are artificial products also available in the market. With Kudrat Kart, you do not have to worry about the quality we offer you with real turmeric. From adding color to the food you prepare to medicinal requirements, Kudrat Kart Haldi proves to be the most authentic one.


1.It is an effective anti-oxidant which helps in maintaining the flow of oxygen in the body

2.It is a great immunity booster and helps you in fighting out diseases

3.It helps to heal wounds and cracks

4.It is a strong pain-killer

5.It enhances the taste and color of the food

6.It can be used as a major ingredient in enhancing beauty

How to use

Kudrat Kart Haldi can be used in all its forms and can be used anytime throughout the year. However, it is most effective in its powdered form.

1.It can be sprinkled upon the food while preparing it.

2.It can be used an ointment in paste form on wounds

3.It can be mixed in warm milk and can be consumed as Turmeric Latte

4.It can be used in face packs to get rid of dark patches and to get a clear skin.

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