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Kudrat Kart - Ajwain

Kudrat Kart - Ajwain


Kudrat Kart Ajwain is completely authentic and will give you the best digestive experience.

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Ajwain is the absolute go-to spice which occupies the front row of dominant spices on the kitchen shelf. Also called Carrom Seeds, Ajwain is one of the most prominent Indian spices. And Kudrat Kart Ajwain is known for its wholesome quality and remarkable taste. If you are an ardent ajwain user, you cannot refrain yourself from buying this spice from Kudrat Kart.


1. It helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It's pungent and strong taste regulates the flow of acids in the stomach

2. It is an effective appetizer which helps you in having timely need of food consumption

3. Ajwain seeds are rich in fiberes, anti-oxidants and minerals. Ajwain oil helps in having thick and shiny hair

4. It helps in treating common cold as it clears nasal blockages

5. It helps in cleansing skin pores.

How to use

1. Can be used in seed form while cooking to enhance the taste

2. Can be used in powdered form when using for skin purposes

3. Can be consumed with black salt for getting rid of indigestion

4. Can be used in paste form for curing toothaches

5. Can be boiled with water for the purpose of losing weight.

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