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Saunth ( Dry Ginger )


Buy Modern Agro Dry Ginger at affordable prices. Here, you will get the most authentic quality oriented dry ginger which can be used for culinary and health benefits. The available weights are


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Modern Agro Dry Ginger is known for its rigorous and quality processing. It is made from real gingers which are sun dried. The biggest benefit of dry ginger is that it can be stored and can be used like all such Indian spices. If you have dry ginger at home, you can make several dishes and can use it for medicinal purposes. You will not need any extra medicines at home if you have dry ginger.


1.It treats morning sickness

2.It boosts metabolism

3.It cures indigestion

4.It cures common cold

5.It helps to reduce weight

How to use

The best way to use dry ginger is to use it in powdered form.

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