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Kudrat Kart - Lal Mirch Powder


If you like your food a little bit of spicy, Kudrat Kart has covered it for you with red chilli powder. A dash of lal mirch powder adds a spicy twist to your cuisine with authentic red mouth-watering colour. 100% pure with no added colours or preservatives.

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Chilli powder is a common ingredient in all kitchens around the world. The chilli powder is added by drying and crushing various types of red chillies to make a dish spicier, tastier, and redder. It can be used in pot-based recipes, curries, marinating sauce, sliced vegetables, salads, and garnishing. It has a long shelf life if you store it away in an airtight container, away from heat, light, and moisture.

  1. It has vitamin A; therefore, good for eyes.

  2. It has iron that improves cognitive functioning and promotes red
    blood cells formation.

  3. It helps to maintain blood pressure due to better potassium to
    sodium ratio.

  4. It has vitamin C that helps to fight infections.

  5. The powder has a good amount of fibre that improves digestion by
    increasing the secretion of gastric juices.

According to your taste, add a half or more
teaspoon of chilli powder to your recipes. You can also sprinkle some on the
top of curry for garnishing as well.

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