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Gopal Ayurveda - Immunity Kadha

Gopal Ayurveda - Immunity Kadha


Looking for medicines for enhance your immunity? Well, you do not need to have medicines anymore. You can go for Gopal Premium Immunity Kadha which is known for its natural ingredients such as herbs and spices. It does not have any added preservatives and is meant to boost your immunity naturally.


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Gopal Premium Immunity Kadha is what you need to boost your immunity during these tough times. COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of taking care of health in a more nuanced way. If your immune system is strong, no matter how serious an illness is, Our body can fight illnesses of all kinds. For best results half a spoon of this kadha in hot water should be consumed twice a day after meals. The USP of this Gopal Premium Kadha is that it is made from four natural ingredients, that is, Tulsi leaves, Daalchini, Sunthi and Kali Mirch.


1.Gopal Premium Immunity Kadha has anti-oxidant properties which help in relieving cold and cough

2.It improves respiratory system

3.It improves digestive system

4.It provides warmth from inside

5.It helps in clearing the congested lungs and removes toxins from the body

6.It has a very soothing taste which works as mouth freshener and keeps you fresh

How to use

Gopal Premium Immunity Kadha should be consumed like tea or hot drink by dissolving 1/2 tsp in 150 ml in boiled water. It can be consumed once or twice in a day depending upon the age and requirement.

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