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Health Benefits of Black Cardamom - You Never Knew About It

20 July, 2021 Post by Manika

Cardamom generally contributes to a healthy digestive system. It cleanses one’s body and prevents one from encountering several stomach disorders. Overall, Cardamom acts as a remedy to many health issues.

Black Cardamom is commonly known as Badi Elaichi or Moti Elaichi. It is not just confined to Indian dishes but also countries outside India. It has a thick, black surface. It acts as an effective enhancer to food items. Besides, Black Cardamom stimulates freshness within the mouth. Black Cardamom is laden with antioxidants that fight diverse kinds of cancer. It furthermore comprises antibacterial substances that kill bacteria within the stomach.

Black Cardamom in Hindi treats heart patients. Kali or Moti Elaichi regulates blood pressure levels. Accordingly, there are fewer chances to encounter a cardiac. It does not support high blood pressure levels. It, in fact, encourages healthy blood pressure levels.

How both cardamoms work effectively in a place like India?

Black Cardamom consists of a smokey flavour. Green Cardamom, on the other hand, comprises a subtle taste. The ideal way is to have Green Cardamom is without seeds. On the contrary, the best way to have Black Cardamom is with its small, black-coloured seeds.

Let’s discuss both cardamoms in detail:

Cardamom, which is aka Elaichi, is commonly found in the Indian Kitchen. Green Cardamom’s price is much more than that of black cardamom in the market. Black cardamom, which is used as one of the must-have spices, truly adds a diverse, strong kind of flavour to Indian dishes. The seeds of green cardamom are vastly used for flavouring dishes. Likewise, the seeds of black cardamom are added to curries, dishes, etc.

Both cardamoms are widely used to give dishes their unique and not-so-alike flavours. Green cardamom has been gaining momentum since the day it got manufactured. On the other hand, black cardamom is gradually getting recognition among people who were unaware of such kind of spice before.

Green Cardamom’s pods appear to be large than that of Black cardamom’s.

Modern Agro’s Black Cardamom:

Take a close look at the benefits Modern Agro’s Black Cardamom has:

1. Works wonders on varied kinds of skin:

Modern Agro’s Black Cardamom takes good care of every skin type. Be it oily or dry, it enhances one’s skin quality. Black Cardamom contains a bunch of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and potassium. Thus, it keeps close checks on your skin texture at regular intervals. You must buy skincare products that comprise black cardamom as one of their key ingredients.

2. Badi Elaichi promotes sound sleep:

Black cardamom acts as a tranquillizer and thus results in great, carefree sleep. You can have the black cardamom seeds when you find difficulty in sleeping. It is not surprising that black cardamom has calming properties, which make anybody fall asleep. All you can do is simply add black cardamom seeds to your cuppas green tea to make it sedative.

3. Treats improper digestion or indigestion:

There was a study revealing that Black Cardamom cures digestive woes. How does it basically work? Moti Elaichi, which supports proper digestion, helps you salivate and kills unwanted bacteria from within. As a result, people with an upset stomach no longer suffer from any stomach aches.

4. Moti Elaichi acts as a detox spice:

Kali Elaichi intake or Black Elaichi pulls all the unnecessary toxins off the body. It produces and promotes a healthy digestive system. Hence, people do not experience any stomach-related issues. All you need to do is add a small amount of black cardamom to the lentils or curries you enjoy having.

5. Say goodbye to stomach disorders:

Black cardamom treats constipation and dysentery. It relieves one from a gastric or acidic stomach. Thus, it is considered one of the effective home remedies for stomach woes. Have it every time with your cooked meals.

6. With what dishes Black Cardamom can be paired with?

You can pair Modern Agro’s Black Cardamom with the following Indian dishes and spices.

7. Moti Elaichi cures respiratory problems:

People suffering from Asthma must consume a spice like this daily. By doing so, they prevent people from experiencing the worst. Here is a recipe to firmly follow to improve your lungs functioning.

You need to put a pan on the gas first. Then, add 2 cloves first. Next, add 4-5 black cardamom seeds. After that, grate ginger not more than the size of a teaspoon. Finally, add 5-6 basil leaves and 3 glasses of water. Eventually, you will be able to alleviate the symptoms that come with Asthma.

Black Elaichi Price:

You must be thinking how much does it cost? Black Cardamom’s price depends on the size and quantity you set. For instance, if you go for 50 gm, it will cost you INR 80. Whereas if you choose 100 gm, it will charge you INR 155.

From where can you buy Modern Agro’s Black Cardamom?

Steps to look for Modern Agro’s Black Cardamom/Moti/Kali Elaichi:

  • First, you need to visit the KudratKart Website.
  • Then, go to the shop section, which is next to the home section.
  • Next, click on the spices option.
  • After that, keep scrolling down until you find your product.
  • Finally, select the size and quantity you would like to choose.

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